Daddy is the sleep whisperer… I’m so not.

I think I’m a pretty good mom. I try to spend as much time as possible with my son. There are things I’m pretty good at too, things that I’m proud of. For example, I’m proud that I breastfed my son for 15
months, and that I somehow found the time and energy to make his food when he was an infant. And I don’t mean to brag, but we have really awesome dance parties. But, like many moms out there, there are areas i feel inadequate… Or lost… Or helpless. One of those is napping. Lately, sleep in general, really.
Here’s the thing… My husband is the sleep whisperer.

ludo and enzo sleeping

I don’t know how he does it, but he gets Baby E down for a nap every time. Me?I rock, I hum, I sing, in Multiple languages… It doesn’t work. He loves caressing my hair and finds comfort in knowing I’m there, but he won’t go to sleep. He will just stay there, quietly, still, but eyes wide open.

Sometimes I just give up, and go outside, or his papa saves the day, and puts him to sleep. I walk out of the room feeling “derrotada” beaten down, worn out, Like I just lost a battle.
The issue has gotten worse ever since he got sick with a cold and I ruined his sleep routine. I can’t decide if it was the cold, the extra rocking he got used to, or the fact that our nature white noise machine’s battery died… Whatever it is, my once perfect bed time routine is no longer that.

It makes me want to cry. And literally, it has made me cry. perhaps he just prefers papa for sleeping. Perhaps it is their special bonding time. Or, perhaps he thinks mom is a pushover and if he fights his sleep long enough, she will give up and take him out of the room…well score is Enzo 5000 – mama 1.

Maybe cosleeping is the way to sleep… Maybe other cultures have it right, and I have it wrong!!

Any tips (or funny stories) for this frustrated mommy would be greatly appreciated!
Frustrated mama
Derrotada mommy

Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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