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Celebrating Latino Culture: Refranes (sayings in Spanish)

As you may know, I am a family/parenting contributor for NBC Latino. Last week’s post was on sayings, or refranes that I heard growing up. My friends were kind enough to share theirs, so here’s a

compilation of some of the best  refranes in Spanish (with translation of course!)
imageFrom our friends at @NewBostonians: Clear accounts conserve friendships- in other words, keep money issues clear if you want to keep your friends! (Photo credit: Jose Rios, Office of New Bostonians, Boston, 2013, all rights reserved)


My dad always says this: Do good without looking at whom you’re doing it to— basically, be kind and do good to everyone. (Photo Credit: Diana Limongi, 2012, Parque Histórico, Guayaquil, Ecuador, all rights reserved)


My abuelo used to say this: being courteous doesn’t take away from being brave…  just be courteous no matter what. (Photo credit: Diana Limongi, Aix en Provence, France 2012, all rights reserved)


My friend and Mamiverse editor Lorraine Ladish shares her favorite dicho: Just because you get up early, doesn’t mean the sun rises any earlier… She claims to be a night owl! (Photo Credit Diana Limongi, Long Island, NY, 2013, all rights reserved)


From our friends at @TFAFamilia Shrimp that falls asleep gets taken away by the current… Be alert! (Photo credit Diana Limongi, Riviera Maya, Mexico 2013, all rights reserved)


We have this one in English too… better late than never! (Photo credit: Diana Limongi, Chichen Itzá Archeological Site, Mexico, 2013, all rights reserved)


Fab girl Lizza Monet Morales, @xoxoLizza, shared one of the dichos her abuelita used to say- Tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you are – in other words, the people you hang out with influence you. (Photo credit: Diana Limongi, New York, NY, 2013, all rights reserved)


And saving the most adorable pic for last, Carla from BebeLanugo shares her favorite dicho… “Barriguita Llena, Corazón Contento” Full Belly, Happy heart. (Photo credit: Carla Curiel Castro, 2013, all rights reserved)

Have any awesome refranes to share? Leave them below, or tweet me! 

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Celebrating Latino culture-refranes-sayings in Spanish

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