Creating the Perfect Gift for Mama with Origami Owl

Disclosure: I received Origami Owl jewelry in order to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are my own.

I’ve always strive to pick “the perfect gift” for my mom. So when I discovered Origami Owl, I was thrilled because it helps you do just that: create something really special for that very important person in your life.  Origami Owl not only helps you build the perfect gift, the jewelry is also super fashionable and we mamas deserve to be fashionable!

If you haven’t heard of Origami Owl, you’re in for a treat. Origami Owl is a jewelry company that creates Lockets, Charms and Chains that are beautiful, interchangeable and personalizable. In other words, these Lockets are the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

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Origami Owl Lockets tell a story. You can create the kind of story you want to tell. If you want to celebrate a person’s accomplishments, there are Charms for that. If you want to inspire, there are Charms for that. If you want to tell the story of who the person is and what the person loves, you can create a unique piece of jewelry that showcases the personality of the person wearing it.



Celebrating Motherhood with Origami Owl 

In celebration of Mother’s Day I had the opportunity to create my story and celebrate ME as a MAMA. I not only wanted to celebrate me as a mama, I also wanted to celebrate my family and culture. I found the perfect Charms to go in my Locket:

My son’s initial and his birthstone. This way he will always be close to my heart, even when he is not with me.

The Star and Moon Charm: This is an important symbol for me. The crescent moon is the symbol of Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting. It is also a reminder that we should also shoot for the stars. When I talk to my son about these Charms, I will tell him that he should always shoot for the stars. I will also tell him that I love him to the moon and back.


The Familia Charm: Yes, Origami Owl has Charms in Spanish! Familia is very important to me and is an important part of our Hispanic culture. The importance of family is something that I want to instill in my son every day.

If you are looking to tell a story and infuse culture into it, there are Charms that reflect religious beliefs (like crosses, the Virgin Mary or a the Star of David) and also places (you can get a Mexican flag or an Eiffel Tower Charm!) Of course, if you want to add some meaning using Spanish, there are charms in Spanish, like amor, familia y mamá.

To celebrate what your mama does, you can use Charms that  celebrate professions (like a teacher, or a doctor, or a branch of the armed forces!)

Of course, initials and birthstones are always a big hit and I don’t know about you, but I love everything that sparkles!

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The possibilities are endless! Different Chains, different colors (Lockets and Chains come in silver, rose gold, gold, and even black!) different Charms, different Lockets and hundreds of Charm options guarantee that you will find the perfect combination to celebrate that special mamá or abuela in your life– or even yourself!

I’ve been a fan of Origami Owl for some time now. Last year I gave my mom and mother-in-law Origami Owl Lockets. I personalized them with symbols of their beliefs (a cross and the yin yang), their birthstones, and Charms celebrating their roles as “grandma” and “abuela.” 

There are so many different options to choose from, (even ones to inscribe your jewelry!)  you will without a doubt be able to create something unique and beautiful for that special lady in your life.


Who would you celebrate?

origami owlNow for the fun part… I’m thrilled to partner with Origami Owl for Mother’s Day to giveaway some Origami Owl magic this Mother’s Day!

You can enter to win a prize package: a medium size Locket, Chain and three Charms.

To enter, head over to the Origami Owl website and check out their Charms and then come back and answer this question:

Who would you create a Locket for? What Charms would you use to create a perfect Locket for them? 

Enter via the Rafflecopter below! 

**Please note: If you do not complete the first entry (commenting below) you will be disqualified from other entries. (Entries will be verified).

**Please note that because of shipping deadlines, the gift will not be delivered in time for Mother’s Day. Please note that the prize will be shipped directly from Origami Owl. Chain and Locket subject to availability.


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If you’re a mom, have a wonderful Mother’s Day– and remember you are special and loved (even if you don’t always hear it!) If you’re not a mom and have a mom, don’t forget to tell them how special they are!

Thank you for being part of this community!

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Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.


  1. I would create a locket for myself! I have been a HUGE fan and I just think they are so personal–why not? I DESERVE it!!!
    I LOVE all of the charms but the most meaningful to me are: the mom charm because I am a mother to two AMAZING boys, the coqui charm bc soy BORICUA and therefore I would love the PR flag charm as well. The crystal silver dog bone bc I am a DOG LOVER and have two pit bulls. The MRS charm because I take great pride in being Mrs. Carter-Campos, FAMILIA is my main focus, the pencil charm bc I have always been a writer at heart, and the Autism Awareness heart because my son has Asperger’s and it’s under the spectrum of Autism. Just thought I would share why I am in love with this giveaway and the charms 🙂
    Good luck to all!!!

  2. The MOM charm is adorable, as is the wine glass charm– but I would be tempted to throw in the Espresso charm as it would remind my Mami of me! That’s who I would gift it to. 😉

  3. I L OVE Origami Owl. I would love the autism charm and the familia one – it would be perfect for me because it represents my life and my blog.

  4. I would get this necklace for my sons daycare teacher. She just became a mom by delivering her twins at 26 weeks. Due to complications one of them passed away after one day. However Louis is hanging on strong! This mom has been through so much and still shows up to care for my son. I pray for her and her family everyday and wish her the very best as she begins motherhood. I would get her a medium locket, chain and three charms. The mom in blue, the “in memory of” heart, and the apple and books charm.

  5. I would love to have one for my mother-in-law. She is always there to help and totally deserve a great present for mother’s day.

  6. I would create a locket for myself with a purple butterfly, dark pink daisy, and crystal aurora Borealis stardust crystals

  7. i’d create one for my mom with charms she would love!
    Medium Black Twist Locket Face with Swarovski Crystals
    Black Cameo Charm
    Bow Charm
    Sugar Skull Charm

  8. I am sure this is what everyone else is writing because it is so close to Mother’s Day but I know my mom would LOVE one<3!!! My moms birthday is on Mothers day and she would LOVE this as a double present she's been needing a clutch!!! And since Im a poor college student i can't afford a nice gift for her and it has been the worst year of her life with my grandmother passing away and her kids being depressed and she stayed strong and patient and I LOVE her so much <3 <3 <3 !!!!!! Thank you so so sooooo very much This is so amazing and kind and generous and awesome and incredible of you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

  9. What an original gift! I would LOVE one for myself, but I would create one for my mother, who is my best friend, my lifelong supporter and my ROCK! I would choose the crystal silver charm, for her faith, the watering can for all her nurturing and her Nov birthstone.

  10. I would create one for my daughter with her birth stone crystal and the 16 charm

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