Cool Places to Take Pregnancy Pics in NYC

There are some amazing places to take pregnancy pics in NYC. I asked some photographers to share their favorite places around NYC to take pregnancy pics and here’s what they had to say:

where to take pregnancy pics in NYC


Brooklyn Promenade

Megan Elizabeth (Megan Elizabeth Photography)  recommends the Brooklyn Promenade, with spectacular views of the city.

Unisphere at Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Now, I’m no photographer but I do love taking photos and for my second baby bump, a friend offered to take pictures of us at the Unisphere in Queens (Flushing Meadows Park, behind the Queens Museum).  I loved this place because of what it represents. I was born in Queens and it is the most diverse place in the United States. I wanted to bring spirit that into my photos.



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Welling Court, Astoria

Blogger Fallon Carmichael Santiago (Casa de Fallon) chose an amazing and colorful place, Welling Court Mural Project  in Astoria for her baby bump pics! (Thanks to Kim Max Photography for sharing this awesome shot!)


In a Mommy’s-To-Be Home

Now, when I set out to write this article, I didn’t think I was going to include this because the idea is to point out awesome places around NYC. However, in doing research and talking to different photographers, more than one photographer agreed on this point: that the best place to take these pictures was in the couple’s home.

Adam Cohen (AdamW Cohen Photography) says “I love shooting outdoors, of course, and NYC is filled with amazing locations. That said, I’d say one of my favorite settings is in a mom’s home. There’s something sweet about capturing a parent-to-be in a setting that has meaning for her and her family. These pictures tend to be more intimate.”

Jessica Farruggia from JFarruggia Photography agrees, and she actually only shoots moms-to-be in their homes:

“Personally, my FAVORITE place to photograph maternity sessions is right in the expecting parents’ home. Their home is a part of the baby’s story, it’s where it all began and most times it’s either the couples’ first joint apartment together or their first house. I just love that!”

Family heritage/history is a huge part of the story. Often times, in NYC, couples shy away from using their apartments because they feel cramped for space and often have, what they consider “clutter” in every corner, but again, it’s a part of the story. It may be less glamours, but it’s honest.”

Megan Elizabeth also mentioned the importance of including your kids in the photos:  “I love including siblings in on maternity sessions so they get one last moment to shine with mom before they have to share her. And most of the time, the kids love loving on mom’s belly.”

Megan Elizabeth Photography, (C)

Things to watch out for and keep in mind:

  • Mother Nature may not cooperate: If you’re thinking about shooting outdoors, have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  • Some places require permits.
  • Think about the surroundings and architecture. Jessica says “I’ve shot in Central Park which was more difficult then expected because it’s so large and the lighting changes quickly with all of the tall buildings blocking the sun.”  

Tell us mamas! Where did you have your belly pics taken? Share in the comments below!

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