Can We Say ADIOS Ann Coulter?

In case you missed it, Ann Coulter was interviewed by Jorge Ramos on Fusion on Tuesday night. You can watch the whole irritating interview below, but in case you don’t want to waste 31 minutes of your life, I’ve picked the highlights (with corresponding rebuttals of course).

Ann Coulter believes the United States isn’t diverse. She claims it’s “Mexican.”  Coulter hasn’t heard that in Queens, NY there are over 170 nationalities alone making it the most diverse urban area in the world.  She hasn’t heard that there are Cubans in Miami or Dominicans in NY. She hasn’t heard there are Chinatowns, Koreatowns and more diversity all over the USA. (Which makes me think, is she living under a rock?)

Ms. Coulter has a problem with Spanish speakers. (You wouldn’t know this by the title if her book- Adios America– I wonder what possessed her to use a word in Spanish in that title).  She hasn’t heard that the United States there is no official national language. She also hasn’t heard that Puerto Rico is part of the United States and that Puerto Ricans (gasp!) speak Spanish.  Is she aware that Puerto Ricans are US citizens? I would think that point would have been  covered at Cornell.

Coulter believes that “No country has ever had the sort of respect for women that Anglo-America does and that’s going out the window.” 

I’m not sure what planet Coulter lives on but she either a. doesn’t know much about the state of women around the world, b. hasn’t heard that the US is the only industrialized country to not offer maternity leave and c. hasn’t heard the disregard and attack on women’s rights and reproductive rights in this country. I guess she hasn’t heard that every year  more and more bills are introduced to restrict women’s reproductive rights.  Politicians, mostly men, want to dictate what women do with their bodies. Ann Coulter has the nerve to talk about other cultures undermining women’s rights. We don’t have to look elsewhere to other cultures undermining women’s rights. The “anglo-american” culture she talks about is doing that right here.

Coulter says “America is the best in the world.” Really, Ann? If America was the best in the world our students would be the top in the world (they’re not) families wouldn’t be living in poverty (The poverty rate is 15% for all Americans and 21.8% for children under age 18.—shameful in such a rich country), veterans wouldn’t be homeless (they are—almost 50,000 recorded in 2014) and they would have the appropriate services when they return from serving their country (they don’t).

Coulter doesn’t know how getting “welfare” works in this country. Ann, your people should really inform you better. All it takes is a Google search to know that of you do not have documents you are not eligible for public assistance. So no, people are not crossing the border and just getting food stamps. Who is giving you this information? Because they need to be fired. Like stat.

Coulter doesn’t know the difference between a settler and an immigrant. She said her family members we’re not “immigrants” they were “settlers.” I point to the definitions below for your information. (Settlers and immigrants= same thing).

immigrant vs settler

Ann Coulter wants a moratorium on immigration. As if that were possible. She thinks the solution is building a higher fence. She also says that Mexicans are more dangerous than ISIS. (I can’t even bother rebutting this because it is just that absurd).

Coulter denies the billions of dollars that immigrants contribute to this country. She says that 1965 immigration reform changed the ethnic composition of this country and that immigrants who came after 1965 are unable to successfully be part of the “Anglo-American” culture.

Finally, Ann is really rude. I can’t help but wonder if she’s like this in real life or if this is some kind of persona she adopts for television. I commend Jorge Ramos for not losing his cool, because I would’ve gone bat-shit crazy on her.

Unfortunately, Ann Coulter is someone many Americans listen to. It is this kind of rhetoric that makes people think that immigrants (both documented and undocumented) come to this country to take and not give. Many immigrants come to this country for economic reasons. They come looking for better opportunities for their families. Many come because they are desperate. Many are fleeing war, famine, gang violence. They come to cook, clean, take care of our children, build homes, and pick the fields. They do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. They don’t come to this country because they want to embrace the “American culture”– they have cultures and other cultures around the world are quite beautiful. American culture, despite what Ann Coulter says is not the only culture there is… how self-absorbed can she be? If immigrants could, they would stay in their own countries. Immigrants come here because they have to– somewhere along the line, they end up setting up homes and families here and loving this country.

But I know (and most of America knows) that Ann is wrong. Just last night the Wall Street Journal has reported “Immigrants, Latinos Helped Drive Business Creation Last Year.”   This is not some rinky dinky newspaper. It’s the WSJ. So, Ann, maybe it’s time to accept reality. Immigrants built this country and we are here to stay. Soon, much to your dismay, the minorities will be the majority. Diversity in the United States is here to stay and makes us stronger and a more beautiful nation. Maybe it’s time to open your eyes and see the reality we live in.
Were you surprised at Coulter’s remarks? What was the most shocking thing she said? Leave your comments below!


Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.


  1. She’s rude and is racist. I’m a Native American and she’s an illegal immigrant to me. She needs to look at a world map and see that the only separation between Mexico and US is a man made border. Maybe someone should ask her who appointed her supreme American I know it wasn’t my decendents. Mexico was part of the US before the so call”settlers” migrated West

  2. Ann Coulter has been a little wild for years. I don’t know why she keeps getting interviewed after so long of angry complaints. She is a Fox Favorite for sure! Maybe it’s the controversy. Whenever I see that she is coming on air, I just turn the channel.

  3. She plays stupid. USA goes out there in the world screwing other countries’ economy by destroying local markets with their global markets, making people poorer everyday. Benefiting from everybody in the world. So don’t complain people are trying to get the fair life they deserve and that was taken away from them.

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