Buick Enclave: Perfect for Big Families

sponsorshi-buickWhen I was little I went on road trips with my parents and there might have been a few times when my dad’s car broke down. See the truth is, my dad likes old cars, not old vintage cars that he’d like to collect, but mostly old cars that require some work or some funky ways that only the owner (i.e. my dad) would know how to work. All my life it’s been a joke in my house… my dad likes to drive cars that constantly need fixin’. My dad says that when he and my mom went on their honeymoon to Atlantic City (over 35 years ago!) their car broke down too.

Buick steering wheelSo when I was planning our first multigenerational family trip I knew that I wanted to show my dad what he’s been missing all these years with those clunkers. I was going to be driving with my entire family to Boston, and I knew we needed a car that was 100 percent reliable and comfortable for all six of of us: my parents, my four year old, my brother, my husband and me. Thanks to my friends at GM, I was able to try out the 2015 Buick Enclave which was definitely comfortable for my big happy familia and all our luggage (and it was a lot of luggage!)

I’ve always been drawn to SUVs (which makes my husband laugh because he says I’m small, what the heck do I need a big car for?) I love SUVs because of their size and safety features. For me, a car is about transportation, yes, but it is also a way to bring people together. If I had a two person car, I’d be sad that I couldn’t fit my whole big family in it, or that I couldn’t pack friends in to go out; so for me, a big car is a must. The Buick Enclave is super roomy, with lots of space for all our stuff and lots of legroom.


The Buick Enclave is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. When we were packing, neighbors stopped to ask me how it drove, and what the mileage was like. I told them I was trying it out and I would report back to them. The mileage, turns out, is great.

When my dad saw the Enclave in the driveway he said “Is that the car? Well aren’t you fancy?” When he got in and he saw all the features he said “Ok, it is nice and I think I’m going to have to think about getting a car like this.” I gave him my “I told you so” look. Driving a nice, comfortable and reliable car is like going to a 5 star hotel, once you have been to one, you don’t want to go back to a 2 star, amirite?

Before I tell you what it’s like to drive the Enclave, let me tell you that its entertainment system is great. The DVD player is perfect if you have little ones because they are entertained and aren’t always saying “Are we there yet?” When packing, I made sure to pack plenty of movie options so my little one would be entertained. While he watched movies, we listened to Sirius radio, regular radio, and even the music on my Iphone (which I could connect to the system). The car has a USB port where you can connect your phone to charge or to access your music files. There’s also Bluetooth for phone calls (though I prefer not to talk when I’m driving, even if it is hands-free).

 The navigation system was on point. It told me where the service exits were and what kind of services were available in each one (food, hotels, etc). For a worrier like me, it was reassuring to have all this info on hand so easily! The system also provided great directions and made me feel comfortable driving inside Boston, where I had never driven before.
You can regulate the AC on each side, and the different parts of the car! This is important especially when you’re on a multigenerational trip because grandma/child/tio may think it’s too hot/cold and may want to regulate his/her side of the vehicle.

This car was as dream to drive. It had all the great features you’d expect and then some. For example, the blind spot notifications on the side mirrors, a forward collision alert system (that beeps in case you’re getting too close or approaching too fast!) and a lane departure warning system. The rear view camera lets you park and back up without a problem (it even has a color coded system, green/yellow/red to show you the safe areas and where you should be more careful when backing up!). For all you very short, or very tall people the Buick Enclave lets you adjust the steering wheel and the seat so it’s perfectly comfortable for you.

I love the design of this car, with two seats in the second row (called captain’s seats). I think this setup is so much easier for parents with kids. It’s also great if you ever have a lot of stuff to carry, you can put one seat down and have a lot more space.


There were other features that I didn’t try out on this trip but that are simply too awesome to not mention– heated steering wheel! (perfect for those freezing NY winters!),  heated and ventilated front seats and OnStar in case of an emergency.

So if you’re looking for a safe, roomy, comfortable and beautiful SUV for you and your family, make sure to check out GM’s Buick Enclave. It’s a beautiful and fine piece of American craftsmanship!



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Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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