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Books in Spanish to Prepare for Kindergarten

I’m super excited because my son is attending a Spanish dual language program in our neighborhood. My husband and I are really excited, but we realize how different it is going to be for our son. He was in a small school with two classrooms and in a classroom with 14-16 kids. In Kindergarten he will be one of 25 kids!

Starting Kindergarten can be an overwhelming and scary experience for kids. Lucky for us, the school my son will be attending has been great at reassuring us. We were able to take a tour with him, and show him around. We showed him the dual language classroom, the gym, the courtyard where he would have recess, the library… everything he saw has gotten him excited about going to Kindergarten!

It is important to reassure our kids. For many of them, it will be the first time they are in a school setting (if they don’t have access to pre-kindergarten). For other kids, like my son, it will be the first time in a big school, with hundreds of children.

Here are some tips to get your child prepared for kindergarten:

Meet kids that will be in the same class. Organize a picnic, or a day at the park. This will help the kids start the year off knowing some friendly faces.

Know what your child’s teacher will be beforehand. that will reassure your child for the first day of school.

Get your child excited about shopping for back to school gear! Talk about snacks, and lunch as well.

Read some books to prepare your children for kindergarten! Here are some great ones you can find in the library, bookstore or Amazon.

Since I’m raising a bilingual child, I found some great books in Spanish to help prepare kids for Kindergarten:

Preparing for Kindergarten: Books in Spanish

¡Qué Nervios! El primer día de escuela

David va al colegio

¿Cómo van los dinosaurios van a la escuela?

Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come/ Prepárate Kindergarten Allá Voy!

What tips or books do you have to prepare kids for kindergarten? Share them with us!

Looking for books in Spanish? BOOKS TO PREPARE FOR KINDERGARTEN

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