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Books about Immigration and Refugees for Kids

books about immigration for kids

In case you can’t tell, I love books. I love reading with my little ones, and books are a bit part of our home. Books allow us to go places we can’t go to in person, learn about why things happen and help us better understand the world. In today’s times, books can be a vehicle to teach our kids about kindness and respect and also about welcoming others who may not be like us. That’s why I’m sharing this list of books about immigration for kids (thanks to my friend Caro for some of these recs!) I encourage everyone to add one (or more) of these books to your child’s library, or check them out at your local library.

books about immigration and refugees

Books about Immigration and Refugees for Kids


 This book was recently release (Sept 2018) and it is full of beautiful illustrations. It tells the story of a mother and child that leave their land to go follow their dreams in a new land.


Ice in the Jungle

When Ice needs to move, he is sad and anxious about losing his friends, going to a new place. This book is great for kids who are moving, as it addresses all those issues and feelings, and has a happy ending.



I’m new Here

This book is about three immigrant students from Guatemala, Korea, and Somalia who come to the United States and have a hard time speaking and writing their ideas in English.

All Are Welcome

With rhyming words, this book explains that school is a place full of hope where everyone is welcome.


La Frontera

This bilingual book is the story of a boy and his father who are crossing the border.


My Family Divided

This book is an adaptation of Diane Guerrero’s memoir, In the Country We Love, written for middle school aged children.  It tells the story of her family and what happened when her parents were deported and she was left in the United States.

Refugees and Migrants

This book has information about refugees and migrants: what does it mean to be a migrant? Why do people leave their countries? It is written in a very informative way.

Lost and Found Cat: The True Story of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey

This is a true story of a cat who is lost while its family is traveling from Iraq through Greece to Great Britain and how it is reunited with its family.

Mama’s Nightingale: A Story of Immigration and Separation

An all too real story in today’s times, this is a story about a mom and her daughter who’ve been separated. After Saya’s mother is sent to an immigration detention center, Saya finds comfort in listening to her mother’s warm greeting on their answering machine. Saya’s moms sends her tapes with Haitian bedtime stories.


Do you have other recommendations? Share in the comments below!

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