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Body Safety Books for Kids

It’s Child Abuse Prevention Month and since I’m a big fan of books and I believe we need to talk to our kids about body safety, here is a list of Body Safety Books for Kids that you can check out for your little ones.

I highly encourage you to have this conversation with your little ones, from early on! Most of the time abusers are people that our children TRUST so we have to teach them what is OK and what is NOT OK and who they should go to for help; these books help us navigate those discussions.


Here are some body safety books for kids that you can check out to have this discussion with your child:

I Said No!

This book is written from a kid’s point of view. A mom decided to write the book after her son had a bad experience at a friend’s house. It’s so important to have these discussions with our kids, because MOST of the time, the people who sexually abuse kids are those people that our children know and trust.

My Body is Special and Private

“Your body is your property and it belongs just to you.” that’s how this book starts! What a powerful statement! And one that most of us probably haven’t told our kids, right?

This book is by Adrianne Simeone, the founder of The Mama Bear Effect, an organization that is committed to changing the way people think, talk and respond to child sexual abuse.



My Body: What I Say Goes!

This book was written by Jayneen Sanders, the author of ‘No Means No!’ and ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’. It teachers kids empowering skills that will help them practice body safety. It does so in age appropriate text and images.

This book also has discussion questions to help parents have these (often difficult) conversation with children.

My Body Belongs To Me

 This book was written by Jill Starishevsky, an assistant district attorney in New York City. The book is written in rhyme and has beautiful illustrations. The book also contains information for parents (organizations to contact) as well as tips for parents when talking to their kids.

My Body Belongs To Me From My Head to My Toes

This book is written from a young girl’s point of view… she goes through and asks “what do you do if this happens to you?” (If someone touches you, who do you tell?) This book also has gives tips about what children can say or do to avoid unwanted physical contact, or how to tell a trusted person if something has already happened.


Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

This book highlights the fact that we often forget, or that we don’t want to think about: more than 90% of abusers know their victims; they are people children trust! This book talks about the importance of teaching kids about body safety and about why secrets shouldn’t be kept.

The book has free activities and child protection resources that are avaiable through their site. The book is also available in other languages: including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and French.


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