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Black History Month: Books for Kids

February is Black History Month. While I am not African American, I firmly believe that it is really important to learn about African American history and culture. It’s not “Black” history; it is American history– period. You can’t talk about our nation’s history without talking about slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, segregation and so many other things that may not be pretty to talk about but that happened, and they affected millions of our nations’ citizens. 

Everyone should learn about these events– for learning about it I’m sure would shed light on many of the racial issues we are experiencing in the United States today. We must recognize that this is part of our nation’s truth.

I think it is not enough to let schools “teach” these things, it is important to have conversations with our children. Books are a great way to get conversations started.

Here are some books to help start that conversation.

Black History Month: Books for Kids


Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad (4-8 years)

The Story of Ruby Bridges (Special Anniversary Edition) (4-8 years)

Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins (4-8 years)

If A Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks


Book of Black Heroes: Scientists, Healers, and Inventors (Volume 3)

Learn all about doctors, astronauts and inventors. (ages 10 and up)


A Picture Book of Jackie Robinson (Picture Book Biography) (Picture Book Biographies) (ages 6 and up)

My First Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr. Easy to read, great for preschool kids. (ages 3-6)

A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall (Picture Book Biographies)

Great Speeches by African Americans (for older children, 12+ )

I Have a Dream (Book & CD)

I, Too, Am America  by Langston Hughes (ages 4-8)

I love the “Who Was..?”  series. (Some are available in Spanish as well!) Check out these books celebrating accomplished African Americans (The series is recommended for ages 8-12)

Who Was Harriet Tubman?

Who Was Frederick Douglass?

Who Was Jackie Robinson?

Who Is Barack Obama? (Who Was…?)

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What did I miss? Share your favorite African American History books for kids in the comments below!

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Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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