Barbie: Inspiring Girls through Play

There is one doll that has been a part of many young girls’ lives for over 50 years: Barbie.  Before Bratz dolls or Monster High, we had Barbie. Barbie was beautiful and had great style.  When I was little, I don’t remember there being any Barbie dolls that taught girls that they could have careers. There were some dolls like the singer/ fashionista dolls but nothing like what I discovered at the Toy Fair earlier this year: Career Barbie who inspires girls to be scientists, doctors and more.


I know how important Barbies are because when I was little, Barbie dolls were my most prized possession. I loved them. One year, my parents even got me the Dream House… it was the most perfect dollhouse. It had three floors and an elevator. My Barbies had a pink Corvette and a red Ferrari. They were stylin’.

Career Barbie 

Career Barbie

Career Barbies   aren’t a new thing.   In the past Barbie has been able to achieve quite a lot: She’s been an astronaut, a firefighter, a police officer… even a presidential candidate! Talk about breaking down some gender barriers.

I love that girls can be inspired by their toys and Barbie has definitely inspired many girls.

For more information on how Barbie inspires girls, check out The Barbie Project!












 Barbie is diverse!

I know Barbie gets criticized because some people think she does not have real proportions and little girls think that is what real girls look like… but I do think that Barbie has come a long way– today there are many different types of Barbies, with different hair textures, hair colors and skin tones.  You can learn more about the differernt faces of Barbie here.




Also, like many children’s toys, it’s all about playing and using your imagination… my son is currently obsessed with some ninja fighting- pizza eating mutant turtles whose master is a rat… my point is, it is all make-believe!

I am loving these dolls. I only wish I had a daughter so I could buy them all!


Did you play with Barbies growing up? What are your fondest Barbie memories?


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