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Art Project and Father’s Day Cards in French {Free Printables}

Father’s Day is around the corner! I got a bit creative with it and created Father’s Day cards  in French AND an art project all in one! These picture frames are fun and easy to make. I improvised a lot with what I had at home!


For the picture frame Father’s Day card I used the following materials:




colored manila folder (you can use card stock or construction paper too)




After you download the free printables (links are below)  you can help your child decorate using anything that you have (I used glitter but you can use pompoms, stickers, markers, etc.).


First put the glue where you want the glitter to go. I let my son do his own thing here. Then, add the glitter.

Fathers Day art project glitter

Select the pictures you are  going to use. (You can also choose to draw a picture instead of pasting a photo). This was super fun because we got to look inside our photo box for pictures.

Fathers Day cards in French

Glue the picture onto the templates. We were making two, one big one and a smaller one. (see below).

gluing fathers day cards

This is the one I made. I decided to make it into a magnet…

Fathers day cards in French mon papa et moi

I simply used a magnet we had at home, but you can probably buy one at a craft store or a 99 cent store.

magnet on fathers day card

Tada! Below is the result!

final Fathers Day magnet card

For the bigger one, we decided to add string to it and make it into a hanging card… VOILA!


You can download the free printables: Father’s Day Cards in French:

Picture Frame: Mon Papa et Moi

Picture Frame Mustache 

I hope you have fun making these cards and may all the special dads in your life have a wonderful day!


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