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A Throwback ABC Song in Spanish: El Abecedario de Yuly

When I had my son and I was thinking about how I was going to raise him as a bilingual child, I thought about my childhood and all the things that helped me learn Spanish. One of those things was my vacations in Ecuador as a child. I then remembered this show that I was slightly obsessed with: El Show de Yuly
and my favorite: the ABC song in Spanish: El Abecedario.

El Show de Yuly was on in the late 80s (maybe early 90s?) in different countries in Latin America. I watched it in Ecuador, but Yuly (Giuliana Maiocchi) is Peruvian. El Show de Yuly was similar to El Show de Xuxa, from Brazil. It was a sort of variety show for children. It had songs, games and colorful sets and characters– and my favorite were the cool girls who sang along with her, las Yuliettes.

I remember when my mom got my the cassettes so I could sing all the songs from the show. When my son was born those memories came back to me and I started singing one of my favorite songs from the show, El Abecedario. I remembered all the lyrics (which are quite adorable) and so I wanted to share it with you, if you are looking for a cute song to teach your kids! 

ABCs in Spanish: El Abecedario by El Show de Yuly

El abecedario cantando vamos a aprender, el abecedario con Yuly vas a conocer
El abecedario cantando vamos a aprender, el abecedario con mi mano te diré
A de amistad
B de bondad
C de cariño
D de dulzura
E de ejemplo
F de felicidad
G de gracias
H de hermandad
I de inteligencia
J de jugar
K de koala
L de libre y M de mamá
N de niñez
Ñ de ñandú
O de oración
P de pureza
Q de querer
R de risa
S de sinceridad
T de tierra
U de universo
V de violin
W de Willy
X de xilófono
Y de yuly
Z de zoológico

 You can download the printable to practice this ABC song in Spanish here. 

and Yuly and her Yuliettes just had a reunion, check them out!

 Do you remember El Show de Yuly? Do you have a favorite throwback song from your childhood? Share it below!


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