A Boston Must: Skywalk Observatory and Dreams of Freedom Museum

complimentary passes SkywalkWhen  I was planning our trip to Boston with the whole family (grandparents and all!) I thought about what they would like to see. Out of all the attractions, I felt that the Skywalk Observatory and the Dreams of Freedom Museum  were a must: 360 degree views of Boston, and a history of immigration in Beantown. Best of all, they have audio tours in six languages, including Spanish. I was sure that my parents would appreciate this.

Dreams of Freedom

The Skywalk Observatory gives phenomenal views of Boston. You can see Fenway, The John Hancock Building, the Charles River… absolutely stunning views atop the 50th floor of the Prudential Center.


The Dreams of Freedom Museum has interactive exhibits showcasing immigrant life in Boston through the years. You can learn about the contributions immigrants made to Boston, where immigrants came from, what they came with (usually only a trunk, like the one below!) There’s even a game show called “Who wants to be an American?” where you must play to answer the questions on the naturalization test. It’s hard to pick a favorite but it must have been the one below… two immigrants, an Italian and and Irishman, comparing their immigrant struggles in these live portraits.


The Dreams of Freedom Museum makes you think critically about choices immigrants had to make … can you imagine leaving you country with only a trunk? How do you even know what to pack? Can you imagine leaving and knowing you are never coming back?

Dreams of Freedom-trunk

We learned some interesting facts about Boston, for example, there are over 140 languages spoken and  one out of three residents are born abroad.

#The real #American will be a fusion of races.” #skywalk #dreamsofhope #Immigration #ladydeelginboston

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So if you’re planning a trip to Boston, make sure to check out the Skywalk Observatory! You will get the best views of the city, and you will learn a lot!

Audio tours are available for adults in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Mandarin and they even have a special child audio tour! (How cool is that?) The child’s tour is only available in English.

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Photo of Italian/Irish immigrant exhibit courtesy of Skywalk Observatory


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