5 Reasons to Visit the Biggest Baby Shower

The biggest baby shower should be on every mom-to-be and every mom with toddlers’ must-do list!
The first time I attended the Biggest Baby Shower hosted by Big City Moms was last year, shortly after my daughter was born. Even though I’m not a first-time mom, I really enjoyed getting to know the new products that are out there. I had my first baby six years ago and a lot has happened since then! I found some awesome products out there!

​Is going to the Biggest Baby Shower worth it? I say yes! Here are 5 reasons why:


1. Try new products.

There are all kinds of products to try out! Diapers, baby clothes, baby food, baby carriers, baby butt creams, everything BABY!

In my opinion, the best ones to try out are the strollers- different brands bring their strollers and you can really get a feel for them, and the brand reps will answer all your questions– they are not rushed like at a store, and are very knowledgeable in their strollers.

2. Fun for mama!

There are always fun things for mama! Drinks (mocktails of course), massages, cute jewelry and yummy food are just some examples of things you can look forward to!

3. Talk to experts.

The Biggest Baby Shower has great panels: everything from babywearing, to sleep and infant care experts, there will be something you will enjoy. Dr. Harvey Karp has joined in the past and will also be in NYC’s Biggest Baby Shower on April 12th!

4. Buy baby products at a discount.

Many companies have special pricing on this day.

5. Get samples.

Samples of baby food, toiletry items for baby, and even products for mom.

I especially enjoyed getting to learn more about the different types of baby bath wash (I’m still looking for one I am in love with). It is a great way to save money because with the samples you can see what you really like, and buy again, or know what products you really don’t like, so you don’t spend the money on full-size products.

My favorite products:

Here are some of my favorite products that have been at the Biggest Baby Shower: (for full and accurate list on this year’s exhibitors, please refer to the Biggest Baby Shower website):

Dr. Brown’s Diaper Cream – This is currently my favorite diaper cream! It smells so good, it is light and uses natural products. (Side note: did you even know that Dr. Brown’s made other products other than bottles? I didn’t!)

– Ergo Baby: Have you seen Sofia and I all over town with our Ergo Baby? It’s great to navigate NYC subways!
– Boppy: Not only for breastfeeding, Boppy makes amazing body pillows for pregnant mommas! If you’re pregnant you need a Boppy body pillow in your life! Trust me on this one.
Nesting Days:  My favorite for newborns- it’s a baby carrier and a shirt! Sofia and I used this when I traveled with her to France last year. Check us out:
 – Pampers: Since I was little, we were always a Pampers home, today I continue the tradition with my kiddos. (Disclosure: I’m a Pampers Baby Board member).
At the end of the biggest baby shower guests leave with a swag bag. What’s in a swag bag? Here’s a video of the goodies you will find in a swag bag. I took this video a year ago when I went to the Biggest Baby Shower in NYC, of course the contents change according to the vendors who are participating.


Make sure to check out the Biggest Baby Shower website for more details on the Biggest Baby Shower Ever is coming to your area! If you’re in NY, make sure you don’t miss next week’s Biggest Baby Shower, on April 12th! (I will be there!)



Diana Limongi
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