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5 Reasons You Should Travel With Your Kids to Your Heritage Country

eating homemade ice-cream
Enjoying some homemade chocolate ice cream at Parque Histórico Guayaquil
Traveling with kids is always fun, but making a special trip to the land of one’s roots is priceless.

As the end of Hispanic Heritage Month approaches, and I am fresh back from a wonderful vacation in my parents’ homeland, Ecuador, I thought I’d share why traveling with our heritage countries with our children is important.


Here are five reasons why you should start planning a trip and travel with your kids ¡AHORA!

1. Practice the language.

This one is probably the most obvious. Travel is an excellent way to practice a language and also to learn the colloquial sayings special to your country.

2. Teach them about your culture.

Traveling and being immersed in another culture is the best way for our kids to learn about it. I especially loved showing him the way we eat in Ecuador, with fresh produce, hearty stews, fresh fish at the beach. I also loved seeing him and his Papi (abuelo) pet the horses and run after the chickens.


3. Show your children where you grew up.

I spent most of my childhood summers in Ecuador, and while a lot has changed, it’s nice to be able to share this with my son. I also was able to share special moments with childhood friends and their families!

4. Try new food. arroz con pescado Ecuador ladydeelg

All of our Latin American and Caribbean countries have AMAZING food and produce. We had fresh fish, ceviche, homemade juices made with local fruit, delicious stews and soups and Enzo gobbled (most) of it all up! His favorite was definitely the pescado frito con arroz blanco.





con la familia
¡con la familia!


 5. Bond with (extended) family. Bonding with primos, tías, tíos… so much fun!

Share with us! What’s your heritage country? What do you love about traveling there? What is your favorite activity with your kids?  


Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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