5 Reasons to You Have to Watch Home

This past weekend we went to watch Home. It was delightful, parents and kids alike were laughing out loud. Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna bring life to the characters and story in a wonderful way.  I think the movie provided some great life lessons and had some great teachable moments.

Here are 5 reasons you have to watch Home:

  1. Home teaches kids it is OK to be different. Both Tip and Oh, the main characters, are different. Oh doesn’t fit in with the other Boov, who think he is weird. He doesn’t have friends. Tip talks about how hard it is to fit in, being an immigrant and going to a new school. She is also the only human around.
  2. Not everything is at it seems. Tip has ideas about what Boov are like, and Oh proves her wrong… I can’t say anymore without giving away some plots so I will just say that.HOME
  3. Home showcases people of all colors: The heroine of the story, Tip, is not the typical blond hair blue eyed girl. She has beautiful brown skin and awesome curls. She was born in Barbados and even has a unique name: Gratitude.
  4. Home showcases the value of family. Tip won’t stop until she finds her mom. She talks about how important her mom is to her and how much she misses her. She is a teenage girl who talks about her mom lovingly, how refreshing to see that when many times what we see are tweens and teens acting sassy and bratty on TV and in movies.
  5. Home shows it is important to stand up to bullies and stand up for what you believe in. Oh takes a chance and stands up for what he believes in even though the other Boov don’t believe in him.

I need to give a shootout to Jim Parsons as Oh… he is the most lovable Boov ever and of course, you can’t help but think of Sheldon Cooper as a Boov!

Have you seen Home? What did you love about it? Share below!

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Diana Limongi
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