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5 Podcasts I’m Checking Out This Year

podcasts-im-listening-to-this-yearThis year I have decided to embrace podcasts. When I was in grad school, I was busy reading for class during my commute. But now, I can read whatever I want, and in this case, I can listen to whatever I want!

The only podcast I listened to before was Bilingual Avenue, by Mariana Du Bosq, which is about raising bilingual kids. It’s great, I recommend it if you are raising bilingual kids (and you can also check out her site and listen there for free as well).

Here are 5 Podcasts I’m checking out this year, I hope you will check them out as well:

cover170x170LOVE LIFE by Matthew Hussey

I first discovered Matthew Hussey on the Elvis Duran Morning Show on Z10o. He comes on periodically to do segments on relationships, mostly about dating; but the truth is that his advice is not only great for people dating but also for relationships in general, with friends, with family, with spouses or great tips on how to live a great life. When I heard him I always was left wanting more so when I discovered that he had a podcast I was thrilled, and honestly it’s the reason I started listening to podcasts.

Nikki Novo cover170x170Closet Creative Podcast by Nikki Novo

I first listened to Nikki Novo when she inervieweed Ana Flores, the co-founder of Spanglish Baby (which may have contributed to me going on this crazy blogging journey) and Latina Bloggers Connect and We All Grow. Ana is a superstar and I loved listening to her on Nikki’s podcast. Nikki is a writer, author and career mentor and she interviews people whom she describes as “inspiring creative entrepreneurs.” I’m sure that every interview will surely leave you SOMETHING that inspires you and motivates you to keep going pursuing your dreams! Be prepared to be inspired!


Latino USALatino USA by NPR and Futuro Media Group

Hosted by the amazing Maria Hinojosa, Latino USA looks at everything Latino:  culture, language, immigration, politics—todo!



Fareed ZakariaGPS by Fareed Zakaria I enjoy watching Fareed Zakaria on CNN but I admit I don’t get to watch him every week as I would like, so this podcast is a great way to keep up to date with his show.




France-in-FocusFrance in Focus by France 24 As someone married to a French citizen and mother of a Franco-American child, I care about what happens in France and I think it’s important to keep track of the political, social, cultural happenings in France. I also find that French British and other international outlets are much better at covering international events than the U.S. Press.

What podcasts do you enjoy? Share with us below!

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Diana Limongi
Diana a mom, activist, nonprofit professional, podcaster and writer from Queens, NY. She writes about motherhood, activism, raising my multilingual kids, culture and travel. She and her multicultural family live in Queens, NY.

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