5 Must Eat Places in Guayaquil

places to eat in Guayaquil

If you’re going to the Galapagos, chances are you may stop in Guayaquil. Lucky for you, Guayaquil is my mom’s hometown and aside from having spent much of my childhood there, I go back frequently. I wanted to share so yummy restaurants in Guayaquil that will surely delight every foodie.

1. Mami T – Puerto Santa Ana

Mami-T has delicious twists on traditional Ecuadorian food, like patacones (smashed up plantains). Mami T is located in Puerto Santa Ana, right by the river.

Check out these sandwiches where the bread is replaced by patacones (plantains-which are gluten free!):

or, this delicious pizza where the crust is (surprise!) made with patacones (green mashed plantains) to die for:

2. Café de Tere

I probably should have started with this fact: Plantains are a big part of coastal Ecuadorian food. Ecuador is a huge producer of bananas, plantains. So logically, plantains occupy a big part of the culinary tradition.

Look no further than Cafe de Tere to fulfill all your plantain desires. Cafe de Tere is special for a couple of reasons: first, the story is a really beautiful one: Tere, the owner, started with a small shop, and today she has six shops all over the city. The restaurant is cafeteria style, you order, sit, and then your buzzer rings for your food. (They also deliver). 

For me, the must-eat at Cafe de Tere is something called tigrillo, which is a mashed up plantain with cheese, butter and everything that is good in this world.

Cafe de Tere also has bolones (balls of mashed plantains), soft boiled eggs, natural juices, coffee, yogurt.

3. Cafendelet

Cafendelet is a very cute place that is not in Guayaquil, but on the outskirts. The name is a play on “Carondelet” which is the name of the presidential palace in Quito. When you go inside, the walls have information on the palace, and also pictures of presidents and some of the “gaffes” or interesting quotes they have said. If you speak Spanish, it is quite comical, you will surely laugh.

Cafendelet is also a great place for breakfast. Check out this plate: fried eggs, a bolon, cafe con leche.

Must Eat Places in Guayaquil

4. Naturissimo

This is more of a snack place – but it is literally the FIRST place I want to visit when I go to Guayaquil. They sell pan de yuca and yogurt. (They also sell tortillas de maiz, but their main eats are pan de yuca and yogurt).

Pan de yuca is cheesy cassava bread, (again, no gluten!) and yogurt is just that- fresh fruit yogurt, in different flavors like banana, passion fruit and my personal favorite, naranjilla (a fruit that is found in Ecuador and Colombia- called lulo in Colombia).


Must Eat Places in Guayaquil


5. La Canoa

La Canoa is located at Hotel Continental in the center of Guayaquil. it is amazing — traditional Ecuadorian dishes- served 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!



BONUS… Place place to eat dessert in Guayaquil… Sweet and Coffee!

Sweet and Coffee is Ecuador’s Starbucks. They serve coffee (cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, and traditional cafe con leche, among other), and homemade desserts that are DELICIOUS!  You can’t go wrong with Sweet and Coffee. 


There is something for everyone!

and as we say in Ecuador, ¡Buen Provecho! 

Must Eat Places in Guayaquil

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