Activity for Kids: How to Make Personalized Wrapping Paper

If you still have wrapping to do and need to keep your little ones occupied, how about having them help you decorate gifts? Creating personalized wrapping paper is a fun activity that will help kids practice their fine motor skills and develop their creativity (and grandma will surely LOVE it!) personalized wrapping paper activity

Here’s all you need:

butcher paper




tissue paper



  1. Wrap the gift in butcher paper (white paper would work as well)
  2. Outline the name with glue
  3. Have your child tear up tissue paper and make little balls, placing them on the glue until the name is done.
  4. Decorate: add stickers, make glitter designs, ribbon, etc. You can also add a photograph that the person can save!) Another cool idea? Use paint to make hand prints! mami with glitter
  5. Place under the Christmas tree! 


Of course, this activity is also a great activity to practice language skills. You can ask questions about colors, shapes, letters, etc.

For more Christmas activities check out my free Christmas printables in Spanish!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Diana Limongi
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