Make 2015 YOUR year!

2014 was a great year, but we are going to make 2015 an even better one! Who’s with me?

Out with the old, the baggage and in with the new, positive and awesome!

Couldn’t help but sharing this awesome inspirational Instagram post originally posted by my friend Migdalia, AKA Latina on a Mission:


Let’s support each other and make life better for all women!

Share with us! How are you preparing for 2015? How is your 2015 going to AMAZING and better than 2014?

Diana Limongi
welcome! I'm a Latina working mom from Astoria, NY, mom to a trilingual four-year old. I blog about motherhood, Latino issues, women's issues, work/life balance, food, parenting and raising my multilingual and multicultural son!

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