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15 Kids Books with Hispanic Characters That You’ll Love

As my son grows up and learns more about his cultural backgrounds, and can read by himself, I want him to read books with Hispanic characters. I want him to read a book that shows him Hispanic characters can be successful, that they are heroes, that they are bilingual. I want him to read books where he will identify himself in the story.

15 Kids Books with Hispanic Characters That You’ll Love!

Kids Books with Hispanic Characters

Dear Primo

Two primos, one in the United States and one in Mexico, write letters to each other and learn about their lives, that may seem different, but they find similarities!



Dolores Huerta is a hero, or as I like to say, a shero. She is fierce. Dolores has devoted her life to worker rights and civil rights. Every little girl will be inspired by Dolores.

Frida and her Animalitos

Frida had many animalitos (little animals). This book talks about them and how Frida was inspired by them.



Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez

The story of Cesar Chavez and how he helped advance farmworkers rights.


I Love Saturdays Y Domingos by Alma Flor Alda

A story about a bicultural child who loves Saturdays with her grandparents, and domingos, with abuelos. (Sundays with her other set of grandparents).


Written by Juno Diaz this tells the story of a girl who goes back to the Dominican Republic  . The book is also available in Spanish, it is called Lola.



La Frontera

La Frontera is a bilingual book that narrates the story of a little boy crossing the border (la Frontera) with his dad.

Lucia the Luchadora

When Lucía  wants to run around the playground in a cape, the boys tell her “girls can’t be superheroes,” and then Luci learns all about the history of women luchadoras in her family.


Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match

Marisol McDonald has a particular look, and this confuses people. But you will see that Marisol is perfect just the way she is.


My Name is Gabito: The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

Gabriel García Marquez is one of the best Latin American writers of all time. Here we can read about his wonderful and colorful life. 


Niño Wrestles the World

Niño wrestles his imaginary friends in this book that is delightful and will teach kids about folkloric characters like La Llorona.

Stef Soto Taco Queen

Stef Soto’s family has a taco truck, and so they call her the taco queen at school. It’s middle school drama, with a Hispanic flair, perfect for 8-11 year olds. (Note: this is a chapter book, not a picture book).


Tito Puente

You can learn all about The Mambo King, Tito Puente.


Turning Pages by Sonia Sotomayor

After Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s success with her adult autobiography, “My Beloved World” she just released a children’s book on her life story. It is also available in Spanish!


Yo Soy Muslim

What a great book! Because Hispanics come in all shapes, sizes and are of many religious backgrounds! This book is a father’s letter to his daughter, and talks about his Muslim background and his Hispanic background.

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