12 things presidential candidates should’ve learned in Kindergarten

A while back I read a post by Daddy Files entitled “How are Parents Voting for Donald Trump?” in it he questions how parents can justify voting for a man who does  so many things that, if our kids did them, we would go berserk (because we would not tolerate that kind of behavior). This got me thinking about all the things Trump and other presidential candidates do that are completely inappropriate. Here’s what Daddy Files had to say:

“Because in our house, frustration with someone does not give you the right to call them names and belittle them. There are better and more productive ways to deal with a problem than throwing a tantrum and calling everyone who disagrees with you stupid. Because manners are important, as is treating other people with respect.

This lesson, which most people begin learning as toddlers, has apparently escaped the current Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.”

Daddy Files  got me thinking about all the lessons that it seems many presidential candidates didn’t learn in their toddler years, in pre-school or in kindergarten. So much of what we need to function in society is learned at a young age: social skills and manners, and manners ARE important. It doesn’t matter if you have money or if you own half of Manhattan. It doesn’t matter if you have a PhD from Harvard or are the CEO of an important company. Sadly, I’ve often seen people have think having a  lot of money or fancy titles or degrees gives them a pass to be disrespectful and not have manners.

You’ve probably heard of that great book called “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum. Fulghum’s  book, along with Daddy Files, inspired me to write this post, because if you think about it, it seems that some presidential candidates probably didn’t go to Kindergarten and missed learning a lot of rules about human interaction and proper social skills. The first four points come from Fulghum’s book and the rest of them come from yours  truly (and some basic decorum and common sense).

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What would you add to this list?

Diana Limongi
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