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12 Things I Learned after my Naturopathic Detox

Last month I did a naturopathic detox. It lasted four weeks. The first week consisted of cleansing my digestive track and the subsequent weeks consisted of eating super healthy (It was supposed to be vegan, but that was really hard for me so I incorporated eggs, but no processed foods, no sugars).

It was an amazing feat and I can’t believe I did it. In the end I lost 10 lbs.—just by changing my eating habits!

I learned some things along the way and I have changed the way I wat in order to keep the weight off.

I want to share this with you because I know how hard it is for people to take the first step towards being healthy. I think it definitely requires will and determination but I think the first step is wanting to do it for yourself—and maybe realizing that it’s OK to say you need help to get started or achieve your goal.  I know I couldn’t have done it alone—losing 10 lbs. Before perhaps yes; before the kid, the crazy schedule, etc… for my wedding  I was in the best shape of my life (I also was in grad school  and my two main activities were writing my dissertation and exercising!) so things have changed and I realized that my approach to wellness needed to change as well. Another thing to consider is age. I know the way my body gains/loses weight is not the same now when compared to what it was when I was getting married (in 2007!)

So here are things I learned during detox and how I’ve changed my eating.

Some of these things will make you think “well duh. Of course whole grains are better than white rice.” I knew that too before the detox, but I wasn’t really making those healthy choices (because let’s face it– arroz blanco is oh-so-freakin delicioso!)


So for me, the detox really helped to get me on track. I became so much more aware of what I put into my body and of my eating habits. So here are the 12 Things I learned after my naturopathic detox: 


1. Brown is better than white. Turns out brown anything is better than refined whites. White rice has been replaced with brown rice, and I no longer buy the white pasta, I only buy the whole wheat pasta or brown rice/quinoa pasta at Trader Joe’s (so good!). I don’t do much sugar but white, refined sugar has been replaced with brown sugar too.

We’ve also incorporated a lot of quinoa and eat that instead of rice.

2. Healthier choices don’t have to expensive. 

Let’s talk snacks for example. A banana is pretty cheap- about 30 cents if you get it at the supermarket and 75 cents at the corner store—still under a dollar and still cheaper than other products!

I won’t lie- organic (why I try to eat as much as possible) is more expensive, but I’ve been getting around that by buying at the farmer’s market once a week. The fruit and vegetable quality is really outstanding, totally worth me lugging home two bags worth of stuff.

I also make more and bring my healthy dinners as lunch the next day, and if I have to eat at work, I may eat oatmeal for lunch (with cinnamon and flaxseeds for extra nutritional value!) or soups, which are healthy and not that expensive.

3. Eating earlier during the day is better. During the second, third and fourth weeks of the detox two days were juicing days.The days that followed those days I would wake up and I would be STARVING and would eat a lot for breakfast and lunch, and have a super light dinner. It turns out this is actually better for your body because you can digest things during the day. Turns out the adage “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” is true.  

4. I drink vitamin B complex to give me energy for the day.  This is the first thing I drink in the AM and I do feel like I have more energy during the day.

5. Water, water, water. During the detox I had to drink a lot of water, and now I am more aware and make it a point to always have a glass of water on my desk. Having to get up and get water makes me get up and not sit for hours at my desk and I also only drink water after dinner. 15113565826_ddf0d5cbf2

6. I don’t eat after 8pm. This was a rule during the detox and something I’m trying to continue. If I’m home and it’s not a special occasion, after dinner no more eating. I only drink water after that.

7. Juicing is part of my weekly routine. 

8. Healthy snacks: Nuts, dark chocolate, bananas, apples and peanut butter…I’ve discovered that there are healthy snack options that are delicious!  The key is to have something in your bag or desk that you can grab so you don’t have to go to the vending machine where options won’t be as healthy.

9. Everything in moderation – nothing is “forbidden.”  If you don’t allow yourself to have something you love (like a glass of wine or some chocolate or a cupcake) then you’re going to be miserable. If having lived in France and being married to a Frenchman have taught me anything about food, it’s that the experience of eating is about conviviality; the act of eating is not supposed to be guilt-ridden, au contraire! Eating is all about pleasure, an awakening of the senses. So, yes a girl can have a steak dinner and a bit of ice cream… just make sure to balance that with a juicing day or with a day full of veggies.If you love chocolate, have a piece… but choose dark over milk chocolate, which is healthier (BTW I have to give a shout-out to BARK THINS because they are amazing, dark chocolate with almonds, fair trade… perfect for snacking!) 10. It has to be balanced if it’s going to be sustainable.  I love food. I’m one of those people who would be miserable eating bland food or lettuce every day; so a plan that wouldn’t let me enjoy some of the things I love once in a while wouldn’t work for me. I would be miserable, I’d resent it and then I’d quit.

11. Don’t forget to move. This has been really hard for me, to incorporate time to work out– because I feel like there is no time! Waking up early to work out is really hard for me! So I try to get in some steps however I can– I make sure to get away from my desk and walk around, I try to make it to my weekly Zumba class and Yoga class once a week. I wish I could do more, but right now I’m working with what I have. Baby steps people! Celebrate the little wins. It’s important to not get discouraged!

12. Don’t get discouraged. Maybe one day you had a big fat cheeseburger. It’s OK! The next day, just try to  get in a workout, juice, veggies! And remember, that you’re not the only one going through this I’m sharing my journey so that other people, especially moms, know it’s OK to realize you need help. I decided to do a detox with a naturopath because I had tried to do it alone and I was failing miserably. It’s OK to not be able to do it alone. It’s OK to realize you need help. I know I needed it, I was able to get it, and now I am feeling so much better about myself and I’m healthier! Self-care and healthy living are important for me, and I want to inspire others, especially mamas, to do it! That’s why I created #MamasGetFit hashtag on IG to motivate other moms. You can also check out the Pinterest board: Mamas Get Fit 


Have you gone through a detox? What tips do you have for me?
I’d love to hear them! You can share below, or tweet me, @dianalimongi
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