10 Self-Care Affirmations for Moms

With so much negativity in the world, and so many expectations put on mothers, there are times when we need to hear/see positive words and reminders that we are doing the best we can, which is why I’ve created these self-care affirmations for you to read and share!

With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we need to remember to love ourselves and take care of ourselves so that we can be there and be well for our families.

I often post these messages on some of my social media channels, here are 10 reminders that we should take care of ourselves and there is NOTHING wrong with that! That should be the norm! Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t be there for our families!

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Remember, self-care is necessary to take car of our families!

Hugs and don’t forget — you’re doing a good job!

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Self-Care Affirmations — perfect for mamas!


Don’t forget that you are fierce— KICK ASS MAMA!

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Somewhere, today, someone will think of you and smile. That’s powerful.


Always look at the glass half full — at first glance, we may think a problem is a monster, but we always should look at the things we already have and remember there is always a bright side.


Remember to breathe, it’s amazing what a few minutes of deep breathing can do! (Go ahead, lock yourself in the bathroom to do it!)


Sometimes fear cripples us, and makes us doubt our abilities! We must not give in to that fear!

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Don’t EVER be afraid to ask for help! It’s not a sign of weakness- quite the contrary. We’ve been sold the supermom myth but the truth is that it takes a village and you can’t do it all alone!


Remember, you’re dong the best you can with what you have… the fact that you worry about not doing a good job, indicates that you already are!


We must take time to do things that make us happy– not our spouses, not our kids, not our parents, not our friends– US! That time for ourselves is critical!


Being grateful every day makes us focus on the things that we HAVE as opposed to the things we don’t have, and it’ amazing what happens when we get our mind to focus on the positive (what we have) versus the negative (what we don’t).


Repeat this, every day. Because you are beautiful. You are bountiful. You are blissful.

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10 selfcare affirmations for moms

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