10 Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas

My son was turning nine at the end of March, and I was sad for him, how was I going to make his birthday special? So I started thinking of Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas to make him feel loved and special. 

Just because you have to keep social distance, doesn’t mean you have to stop being social! If anything, now with a little creativity, and sometimes planning, you can have friends from far and near help you plan and participate in your social distancing birthday celebration.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate a birthday while social distancing:

Wuarantine Birthday Party Ideas

10 Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas:

    1. Decorate your house for when they special person wakes up!  Balloons, streamers, the works!
    2. Make a birthday banner. Luckily for us, I had bought a roll of paper before the art supply stores closed, so this was pretty easy. But there are other ways to make banners. One of my favorites is this birthday banner, you only need paper, markers or a printer, and some string.
    3. Make it a day long celebration! Prepare a crown for the birthday boy or girl, and let them be king or queen for the day. They can pick what they have for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I decided to make my son a two layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. He was SO excited. 
    4. Enlist your neighbors and friends! We had friends come over and ring the doorbell, and then sing happy birthday from the sidewalk to our window! My friend Sarah had her friends and neighbors make signs for her daughter’s birthday and took her daughter on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood to see how many they would spot! Check out the finished product:


    5. Write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the sidewalk.
    6. Ask your friends to snail mail some birthday cards. Because, let’s be real, snail mail makes us feel special, and also, the USPS needs the support! 
    7. Have a drive by party! In some countries, wedding parties honk around town like crazy… you can ask your friends to ride by your home and honk, sing and bring signs
    8. Have a zoom party and dress the part! Does your child like dinosaurs? Fairies? Invite people to your zoom party and invite them to have a theme! Invite guests to wear the themed clothing/accessories/colors that go along with our theme!
    9. Make a Happy Birthday video montage. Record every person saying a message and then put the bits together, and you’ve got a great video birthday message! (Best of all, they can save it forever!)Quarantine Birthday party ideas
    10. Organize a themed (online) party. It will still be a zoom/skype/google meet party, but you’ll all be having fun with the theme.

         Here are some ideas: 

  • pizza party (everyone has pizza)
  • ice cream Sunday party (everyone has Sundae stations),
  • wine party (for the over 21 crowd),
  • video game party (play online games, video games, kids can all connect)
  • movie night (you can all watch the same movie and get the movie party extension for Netflix that allows you to watch the same movie together AND have chat function!)


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash
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