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10 Gratitude Conversation Starters in Spanish

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It is so important to practice gratitude and to teach our children to be grateful at a young age. Talking about what we are grateful for each day allows us to see there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, something children should learn from early on. Because we speak Spanish at home, I created these gratitude conversation starters in Spanish. 


How did you help someone today?

¿Cómo ayudaste a alguien hoy?

What is your favorite part of your house?

¿Cuál es la parte favorita de tu casa?

Tell me about the favorite part of your day.

Cuéntame cual fue la parte favorita de tu día.

What was the yummiest thing you ate today?

Cuál fue la comida mas deliciosa que comiste hoy?

What do you love about your teacher?

¿Qué es lo que te gusta de tu maestro/a?

spanish conversation starters in Spanish

What is the most special toy you have? Why do you love it?

¿Cuál es el juguete más especial que tienes? ¿Por qué te encanta?


One of my talents is_____.

Uno de mis talentos es _____.


I am happy because today I ____.

Estoy feliz hoy porque _______.


I put these in a small jar on the counter and decorated it for the fall, just in time for Thanksgiving.  I used these fall leaves I found at Dollar Tree:

Fall leaves garland

These are a great way to start small conversations with your little ones!


Gratitude Conversation Starters in Spanish

Gratitude Conversation Starters in Spanish



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