Reasons Why I Love My Manual Breast Pump

Parenting is full of those “I’d never thought I’d say/think that” moments. For example, I’d never thought I’d say that I love my manual pump.

I bought a manual breast pump with my firstborn in an emergency (one day when my electric pump was just not sucking any milk out AT ALL) and I needed a backup. Now for this second time around I’ve definitely found (and even preferred) my manual pump.

You’re probably wondering why (it caught me by surprise too) I prefer a manual pump this time around. It caught me by surprise too! Here is why I’ve embraced the manual pump:
No Noise: The manual pump has minimal noise when compared to the electric pump.

Mobility:  With the manual pump I can pump all over the house without being confined to an electrical outlet.
Whenever, wherever – quite literally. And because there’s practically no sound, it’s discreet. And because there no sound I can use it to pump at 4 am (like I just did) when my daughter doesn’t empty out the boobs.
Lightweight: It’s much more lightweight than carrying around the electric double pump.
No malfunction:  With the double pump, things can happen, what if you lose power? The manual pump eliminates that- it’s just your hand!


I recognize that electric lumps may be faster, and honestly I will probably use an electric double pump when I go back to the office, but I still recommend having a manual pump (and no this isn’t a sponsored post) at home.

I use the Medela manual breast pump, but there are others as well:


Tell me mamas, do you prefer manual pumps over electric? Why or why not?


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