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Easy Oatmeal Container Art Project

In spirit of Earth Day and reducing, reusing and recycling, I made this Oatmeal Container Art Project. All I used was an empty oatmeal container and Mod Podge and whatever else I could find to decorate, and stuff that would keep my son interested (which of course involves Ninja Turtles at this time).




  1. Cover the container with white paper.
  2. Use Duck Tape to decorate the sides. Duck Tape is pretty much just duct tape with cute prints. You can order it on Amazon, or buy it at craft stores likes Michael’s. There are a lot of different options, we have Ninja Turtles and Minions (super cute!). Oatmeal Container Art Project3. Use pictures and stickers to decorate. 5. Use a brush to cover in Mod Podge. (Attention: Mod Podge smells strong, use with caution and under adult supervision).


Oatmeal Container Art Project


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