Real Talk: What Does Being a Self-Loving Mother Mean? {online interview}

Earlier in 2016, I was invited to be part of the Self-Loving Mother Online Summit by Michelle Lee. Michelle invited me to talk to her about what it means to be a self-loving mother, self-care and what keeps me sane as a working mom. As life got crazy I never got a chance to post this but it has a load of great information about being a self-loving mother, self-care and how to be a happy mom. what-does-being-a-self-loving-mother-mean ** Being self-loving doesn't mean you're a selfish mom. ** Not being with your child 24/7 doesn't mean you're a bad mom. ** A support system is critical to being a self-loving mom. ** Kids don't need to be with their parents 24/7! ** Being part of a community is very important! ** It's OK to say "I need to take a break".

Want to hear more? Here's a link to the full interview.

I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it! I was really honest about the things that I do as working mom to keep my sanity (let's just say something's gotta give and most of the time it's a clean house... and I'm OK with the mess). Also, check out these self-care affirmations you can download and share on social media for free! image2 Looking for more? Dear Working Mom, You're Doing a Good Job The Importance of Self-Care: 10 Things We Can Do

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