2017 Inspirational Daily Desk Calendars for Moms

I love daily desk calendars, especially the ones that are inspirational. It's an easy thing to do for a little daily dose of inspiration to start the day off right, and to read throughout the day when (and if) you're in teh office. Sometimes we need a little reminder and inspirational daily desk calendars are perfect! inspirational-daily-desk-calendars-for-moms
You Are a Badass 2017 Because sometimes we need a reminder that we can be badasses.
A Happier 2017 by Gretchen Rubin Inspired by Gretchen Rubin's book, The Happiness Project, you'll love this daily dose of happiness inspiration.
2017 Be You Boxed Calendar Quotes from contemporary famous people like Tina Fey, Hillary Clinton, and Jon Stewart, and also classic words from little Virginia Woolf and Audrey Hepburn.
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... and It's All Small Stuff Dr. Richard Carlson shares strategies to reduce daily stress. Here's a great example: inspirational daily desk calendar
Queen of Your Own Life This calendar uses vintage images with short motivational messages to offer daily doses of inspiration.
Keep Calm and Carry On Did you know that the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" is a phrase that was created to lift British morale during World War II? This calendar offers daily positivity and enthusiasm. Here's a great one: The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.—Elbert Hubbard.
This Day in Women's History Let's draw inspiration from the women that came before us and achieved great things!
and a funny one! Retro Mama 2017 Here's one if you're looking for lots of laughs!
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