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Working Moms: Delegating is OK (and Necessary!)

A while back I chatted with Mompreneur Luly B. about our need to delegate in order to free up time to do the things we 1. love and 2. are good at.

For me, delegating a lot of house chores has made my life so much easier and happier. It even improved my relationship… no more arguing about who is doing what, and no more spending my Saturdays cleaning.

There is nothing wrong with delegating, as I explain in the video below. Think about it in economic terms: How much do you make doing what you do? How much is your time worth?

I would rather spend my time writing or doing something I love with my family and leave the laundry and other chores to people who know how to do it and probably do it much more efficiently than I could!

There is no shame in asking for help. There is no shame in outsourcing! There is no shame in admitting that we can’t always do it all.

Working moms, there is no shame!
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Diana Limongi
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