Free Bilingual Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids! {Printables}

I'm spreading the love this Valentine's Day with some free bilingual Valentine's Day Cards! All you need is cardstock, color printer and a scissor! TADA!    Free-printables-Bilingual-Valentines-Day-Cards ValentinesDay_Bilingual_card_I_Love_You

I started blogging so that I could share my experiences raising my bilingual (multilingual) child. In the past year a lot has happened, and I spent a lot of time growing my blog. This year, one of the things I'm focusing on is the language learning section of this blog.  I really want to be able to give you, (my readers and parents) who are navigating the "raising bilingual kids world" resources you find helpful and that your kids find FUN! 

So this year I hope to be sharing a lot more resources and my personal experiences in our language learning adventure! So I'm starting by sharing the love and sharing some free Valentine's Day themed goodies!

  I'm spreading the love this Valentine's Day! Enjoy these free printable Valentine's Day Cards!     Here are some XOXOs cards  so your kids can spread the love en inglés y en español!       Please leave a comment below and tell me what resources you would like to see this year! Thank you for being a reader and don't forget there are great things happening on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook ! Make sure to connect with me there!

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  1. Dariela
    January 15, 2016 at 2:58 pm Reply

    Lindas, what a great idea! I shared them!

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