15 Awesome Holiday Gifts That are Not Toys

At three years old, my son has more toys than he needs! (Though he does play with all of them!) The other day he said, “I need this mama.” I replied to him, “You don’t NEED toys. Do you know that there are many kids that don’t have any toys? You have a lot of toys, so no, you don’t need new ones.”

As he gets older, I plan to keep explaining and drilling it in: You have plenty, and you should be grateful. Your parents work hard to give you all these things.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I am cringing to think that there will soon be NEW toys in my house. MORE TOYS. (I just donated two bags of toys!)


I suspect many other parents have this problem as well…. So I compiled a list of awesome presents that are NOT toys, because really, years from now, our kids won’t remember exactly how many toys they had, but they will remember the special moments we shared with them, the lessons they learned, the fun things we did together.

(I also wrote some gift giving tips and rules you’ll love!)

Here are 15 gifts that are not toys (but your kids will LOVE!)

Art Supplies

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Art supplies are great because they help parents keep kids entertained"">m01229 via photopin cc





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