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Poem to my boogie toddler

Dear son,
I get that you’re sick
I really do
I was even looking forward to cuddling with you.
But please get better soon.
Mama is turning into a loon.
Let mama wipe your boogies.
They’re so yucky!
Let Papa spray your nose.
we do it cuz we love you-
don’t you see—you’re so lucky?

Mama is sleepy and cranky.

I’m too tired to keep rhyming
and while I’m being honest-
I’m going crazy with your whining
So please get better really soon!
So mama can stop becoming a loon.
Diana Limongi
welcome! I'm a Latina working mom from Astoria, NY, mom to a trilingual four-year old. I blog about motherhood, Latino issues, women's issues, work/life balance, food, parenting and raising my multilingual and multicultural son!

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